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Border Sundials have an elegance and timeless beauty.

A beauty that will last a lifetime, making a thoughtful gift for any occasion.   For centuries sundials have connected the heavens with the earth, as they silently mark the earth’s rotation and the passing of time.   Their sculptural form brings an ageless beauty to any garden.

We create Horizontal dials, Vertical dials and Armillary Spheres for any location.   Each dial is handcrafted from the finest materials; engineered to tell the time accurately wherever you are in the world and engraved with your loving inscriptions or thoughtful words of inspiration.

If you want something extra large, or out of the ordinary we also work to commission to realise your sundial vision – please contact us.

“A garden with a sundial is a garden where every moment is treasured forever.”

All of our beautiful sundials are created in our workshop in the rolling hills of South Wales. Capel Tenison the founder and owner of Border Sundials Ltd began making sundials back in the noughties. His passion for sundials began as a child, Capel reminisces that the first sundial he ever made was probably on the beach, “I discovered that I could tell the time by watching the shadow of a stick in the sand, this was a welcome distraction at the time but more importantly has lead to a lifetime of interest in sundials.”

We create Horizontal dials, Vertical dials and Armillary Spheres for any location. All of our sundials serve a practical purpose in the garden, to tell the time – at Border Sundials we pride ourselves on the calibrated accuracy of each sundial – but they do far more than just tell the time. Our sundials also serve and sculptural points of focus. Sundials can draw the eye and create wonderful conversation pieces.

Every Border Sundials dial has the opportunity to be personalised with names, dates and short pieces of text and this makes your sundial totally unique. “I love working with the client to create the sundial exactly suited to their needs; style, material, size, location and personalisation are all considerations”.

Border Sundials have installed sundials across the world everywhere from small cottage gardens to large fintech company atriums, “There is almost nowhere that I don’t think benefits from a sundial!” says Capel. Sometimes there is an opportunity on a facade of a building where a vertical sundial creates the missing architectural detail. On another occasion an armillary sphere might be just the piece to emphasise the formal geometric plan of a garden.

If you would like any more information or would like to speak to Capel about a particular request please email or telephone us.