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Armillary Spheres are the most sculptural and elegant of sundials.

Creating interesting lines from every angle, an Armillary Sphere will bring an impressive focus to any garden.

If you are looking for a very special gift, an Armillary Sphere engraved with your thoughts and good wishes makes a magnificent present that will last a lifetime.

Individually hand crafted for your location in aged brass, Bronze or stainless steel and in sizes 50- 110cm (or even larger), all our Armillary Spheres offer plenty of room for your personal/commemorative words/engravings.

Prices start at £2,500. The full price list can be viewed here.

“Contained within its concentric rings is a chart of the whole universe.”

When contemplating an Armillary Sphere for your garden there are various key considerations;

  • How big a sphere will suit your garden?

  • What metal should you choose for your armillary sphere?

  • What plinth will suit your armillary sphere?

  • And what will you have engraved on to your armillary sphere?

In order to help you choose the correct armillary sphere for your garden why not call Border Sundials today and plan a site visit by calling 01873 840297.

Capel Tenison the founder and owner of Border Sundials will visit you in your garden (whenever he feasibly can!) to demonstrate armillary spheres of varying metals and sizes in the perfect spot in your garden. “Every armillary sphere I make is unique and it often helps to visit a client to see where they want to place the sundial and discuss their specific requirements.” says Capel. During the visit Capel will explain the component parts of the armillary sphere and how the sundial works. He can advise on the best positioning for the armillary sphere and where it is possible to place your own personal engravings on the horizontal band.

For over 20 years Capel has found crafting armillary spheres a deeply rewarding and intellectually stimulating endeavour that captivates his passion for both artistry and astronomy. The intricate process of constructing spheres allows him to merge his interest in science and craftsmanship, creating a tangible representation of the cosmos that has fascinated humanity for centuries.

The historical significance of the armillary sphere is fascinating, these ancient instruments, tracing their roots back to the Hellenistic period, symbolize humanity’s relentless pursuit of understanding the cosmos. The etymology of ‘armillary sphere’ is from the Roman word ‘armilla’ meaning circle or bracelet. By crafting these sundials, Capel says he feels “connected to a rich tradition of scientific exploration and discovery.”

The meticulous craftsmanship required to build an armillary sphere satisfies Capel’s desire for precision and attention to detail. Every carefully calibrated ring is elegantly interconnected to represent terrestrial coordinates and is a testament to the craftsmanship of both the original astronomers and the craftsmanship here at Border Sundials.

“Creating armillary spheres also provides a unique perspective on the vastness of the cosmos. As I assemble the rings and arcs, I find myself contemplating a delightful connection between the microcosm of my workshop and the macrocosm of the universe” observes Capel.

The addition of an armillary sphere to your garden is not merely a decorative choice but a thoughtful investment in beauty, history, and education that can elevate the overall experience of your outdoor sanctuary.