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With the sharpest and brightest of mirror finishes our highly polished Stainless Steel Armillary Spheres

have been designed with contemporary garden settings in mind. These exceptional dials are precision engineered and polished until they give a true reflection. The clear, mirrored surfaces make stainless steel armillary spheres appear to sparkle with light, even when the skies are overcast. Their sharp lines and the quality of the light they reflect make these amazing garden sculptures a stunning centre piece for the modern garden.

Stainless Steel Armillary prices start at £5,920. The full price list can be viewed here

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Why would I choose a Stainless Steel Armillary Sphere?

Stainless steel armillary spheres are the most luxurious and exclusive of the Border Sundials range. The bright and highly polished surfaces provide an altogether different style of garden sculpture. ‘We believe that the stainless steel armillary spheres give an exciting and contemporary twist to our armillary sphere range’ says Capel, founder of Border Sundials.

Stainless steel dates back to the early 20th century when it emerged as a groundbreaking material with exceptional corrosion resistance, this is a great benefit in an armillary sphere. In 1913, English metallurgist Harry Brearley accidentally discovered stainless steel while attempting to develop erosion-resistant gun barrels. He noticed that a steel containing 13% chromium exhibited remarkable resistance to rust and staining.

During World War I, the demand for corrosion-resistant materials skyrocketed, leading to increased production and application of stainless steel in military equipment and infrastructure. Its versatility and durability made it a preferred choice in various industries.

In the 1920s and 1930s, further developments in stainless steel alloys occurred, refining its properties and expanding its applications. The material gained prominence in the architectural and automotive industries, becoming synonymous with modernity and innovation.

As a material stainless steel works well for armillary spheres because it is strong, stain proof and durable. The stainless steel we use at Border Sundials is surgical grade and will last forever, never loosing it’s shine. The highly polished surface of the stainless steel provides a mirror for your garden reflecting all the surrounding colours and tying the armillary sphere perfectly into its surroundings. The stainless steel armillary sphere looks equally impressive at night especially when illuminated by spotlights.

The shiny silver surface of the stainless steel armillary sphere makes it ideally suited for 25 year (silver wedding) anniversary celebrations. The modern, durable and very permanent nature of the stainless steel armillary sphere makes it a perfect choice to represent your business in a corporate commission. These stainless steel armillary spheres are also enduringly popular for commemorative sculptures such as centenaries.

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