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There are several reasons why someone might prefer a printed brochure rather than a digital one.

Not everyone has easy access to digital devices or the internet. Printed brochures can reach individuals who might not have the means or inclination to access digital content.

You may know someone or have clients who would prefer a printed brochure, the brochures provide a physical presence that digital brochures lack. Very often the more senior generation, might prefer printed materials due to their familiarity with traditional media. People can hold them, flip through the pages, and feel the texture of the paper. The brochures have a unique aesthetic appeal that might not translate as effectively in a digital format. This tactile experience can create a more lasting impression, they can be kept on file and can be taken to site visits where computers might cause complications.

A printed brochure offers a focused reading experience without the frustration of digital interruptions.

These high-quality printed brochures showcase Border Sundials commitment to quality and attention to detail. Order one today to see Border Sundials range of Horizontal and Vertical Sundials and their statement piece Armillary Spheres. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any immediate questions that you would like to discuss with us 01873 840 297.

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