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Golden wedding anniversaries are the reason many of our sundials are commissioned, marking fifty years of marriage has proved a very popular reason to give a sundial. The history of celebrating this milestone anniversary goes back many centuries, tracing back to ancient Roman times. In Rome, a husband would crown his wife with a wreath of gold, symbolizing both her endurance and the preciousness of their union. This practice set the foundation for future celebrations, establishing gold as the symbolic metal for this milestone.

The History of Golden Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Throughout the Middle Ages golden anniversaries were rare, hence 50 year anniversaries were esteemed and acknowledged with grand ceremonies. It was during this period that the tradition of renewing vows emerged, a practice that persists to this day. Couples reaffirm their commitment to each other, often in the presence of family and friends, reminiscing on a lifetime of shared experiences.

The Victorian era brought further refinement to these celebrations. Although Queen Victoria and Prince Albert never celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary they were devoted to each other and gave gifts at every anniversary to celebrate their years together, setting a trend for the populace. The exchange of gold jewellery, particularly rings, became a common tradition, representing the lasting bond between spouses. This gesture of love and devotion elevated the significance of the occasion.

Golden Wedding Anniversary Gifts Border Sundials

Marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, 1840, engraving

In the 20th century, as societal norms evolved, so did the way golden anniversaries were celebrated. The post-World War II era saw an increase in life expectancy, leading to more couples reaching this remarkable milestone. With advancements in communication and transportation, families dispersed across continents began reuniting for these momentous occasions. The celebration became a testament to not only the couple’s enduring love, but also to the legacy they’ve built through generations.

Among the celebrity couples who have made it to their golden wedding anniversary are Michael Caine & Shakira Caine, Kirk Douglas & Anne Buydens, Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip and Dolly Parton & Carl Thomas Dean although the latter are very rarely seen together!

Golden Wedding Anniversary Gifts Border Sundials

The wedding of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip

What to give as a Golden Wedding Anniversary present

Both the Border Sundial horizontal sundials and the Armillary Spheres have proved very popular gifts for Golden Wedding Anniversaries, this is due to their rich golden colour and the possibility they afford for wonderful personal engravings. A sundial serves as a poignant metaphor for a golden wedding anniversary, marking five decades of enduring love. Like time-tested relationships, it stands steadfast through sunlit days and shadows, symbolizing the resilience and strength of a marriage. The sundial’s timeless design embodies the enduring commitment and unwavering bond that characterizes a fifty-year union.

Golden Wedding Anniversary Gifts Border Sundials

Border Sundials Brass Armillary Sphere given with love